Atonement — Movie Review — 8.0/10


This is my review of a movie after a long time. Atonement is pure poetry. It has a lot of features to qualify as a good movie. The way of shot making and execution is something unseen. You may come across such shot making in woody allen movies. But this is altogether a different flavour. The language used in the movie is purely british and so is palatable to the ears. The characterisation in the movie is very strong especially that of a girl who grossly misinterprets what she has witnessed and judges a person based on prejudice.

This movie is a simple story of how dangerous is prejudice and how important is ratiocination. The most important asset of the movie is it’s sound mixing and re-recording. This is on par with Lord of the Rings. I have never heard such a magnificient background score in ages. It’s truely invigorating and fills the mind of the audience with elixir. There’s no denying the fact that this work deserves an oscar. It has indeed been nominated for Academy Awards for best original score. This movie is a must watch and the music is really palatial.

Coming to the cast, James Mc.Avoy is sure to be the next Brad Pitt. He is handsome and a correct match for Keira Knightley. Well she is as usual beautiful, raunchy and animated. She played her part well but she is not the central character. Other cast including the girl who is the sister of the twins and the chocolate factory guy are good at their roles. The war episodes and post-war period could be portrayed a bit better. I feel a short-coming in that portion. It seems contrived and largely borrowed from Saving Private Ryan.

Finally, this movie is worth every penny. Only the music itself is worth twice your ticket. I am trying to download the scores from the internet but had no success till now.


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