Moral of ‘Kal Ho Naa Ho’ — 7.7/10

I have no idea what is the theme behind the making of ‘Kal Ho Naa Ho’. But after watching it for a 3rd time i understood some important traits of female psychology. I am intimately curious about female behaviour. What they like? What they hate? I have not yet done practical cases but only an intuition. Watching ‘Kal Ho Naa Ho’ brought me a new notion about the co-existence of man and woman. Why do they need each other? This may sound a bit philosophical but not boring of course. A girl needs a man to realise the girl lying innately in her. Similarly, a girl makes a boy realise what he is. This should be the ideal natural phenomena. I don’t know how far is it accomplished in today’s planet. I don’t have a great deal of idea about girls today as i haven’t spoken to a girl for a long time.

Coming to girls, i find that very few girls these days wear a nose ring or put a tickle on the forehead. May be i was orthodox as the trendz have changed. Nevertheless i am not naturally inclined towards these modern trendy girlz. I was not so shocked to notice that girls even drink in hyderabad. Promise… I have seen some of them in the felicity nites. I don’t mind them drinking. It’s upto them. But it makes me feel embarassed watching pretty girls smokin and boozing. Even i don’t do those ….

Psychological studies reveal that girls are much fickler than boys but they do have a lot of patience. Boys are stable compared to the girls in general. I may be wrong in some cases. So don’t mind. So the moral of the story is find a girl who has a good personality and attitude along with a cute smile. (that is how “Priety Zinta” looks in Kal Ho Naa Ho)….


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