Review — A Beautiful Mind — 8.3/10

“A Beautiful Mind” starring Russell Crowe and Jennifer Connelly is a biography of popular mathematician and nobel prize winner John Nash. He is famous for his works like game theory etc. The movie has an interesting story backed up by some outstanding performances. Direction is commendable. It depicts John Nash as a student of Harvard university who is immensely inclined to mathematics. He hates learning by reading text books and religiously attending lectures. He always strives to think naturally and do something on his own. In this quest he comes out with a very good research paper and graduates from the university. After that he turns into an exceptional coding specialist and serves a lot for defence agencies. Meanwhile he suffers from a mental disorder namely schizophrenia. He can see people who dont really exist but appear to him as real. This strange behaviour of his annoys his wife. He is admitted into a mental hospital and is investigated. Later he gets discharged from the hospital and tries to control his senses against the disease. Meanwhile a friend of him who is the dean of a prestigious university invites him to be professor in the university. His strange behaviour in the university makes him a laughing stock. Gradually he gets used to this disease and turn into a normal person. He is rewarded with the prestigous nobel prize for his work in mathematics.

The movie is very interesting and totally absorbs you into the mood. It may be a bit confusing but careful attention to the dialogues makes you feel the greatness of the movie. Coming to the performances, Russell Crowe was in a total contrast to his role in The Gladiator. Saying that he justified his role would be very little. He looks confused, always thinking that the hallucinations are real. He is outstanding. Jennifer Connelly as we know is awesome . Her acting skills are impecaable. She is the one of the best actresses i ever saw. Especially the scene where she gets frustrated with the behaviour of her husband and breaks the glass is acted with conviction.

Overall the movie is very interesting and absorbing.


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