Review –Hotel Rwanda—–8/10

Hotel Rwanda is a gripping movie with good performances. The film deals with the atrocities committed in the 1994 genocide in Rwanda. The Hutu tribe community in Rwanda are on a mission to kill all the Tutsy tribes for the reason that their president is assassinated by the tutsy rebels. The ruling hutu army as well as the supporters of hutu party kill every innocent tutsy person they come across. Paul Rusesnbagen is the manager of a 4-star Belgian hotel in Rwanda. He is a hutu but his wife tutiana is a tutsy woman. He with the help of UN colonel saves 1300 tutsy innocent tribes from being murdered by the hutu freaks. This movie is an eye opener to the entire world about the genocide in Rwanda. This movie is a sure contender for the forthcoming oscars. The movie is so gripping that we get completely involved in the movie. The presentation of the horror in Rwanda is impeccable. I was reminded of Mani Ratnam’s “Mumbai” after watching this movie. Coming to the lead actors, i noticed Don Cheadle in a number of movies like “Family man” and many other but i didn’t guess he was such a furious performer. His role is the pivotal one and he did full justice to it. If i see Don Cheadle ever after this movie, i would recognise him as Paul Rusesbagen rather than Don Cheadle. The scene where he drives the car through the fog and then suddenly stops to notice that he was driving through a pile of dead bodies is awesome. This movie defines humanity. —– Must watch

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