Review—Rang De Basanti —- Rock Da Box-Office —- 8/10

RDB stands for “Rock Da Box-office”. This movie can’t be described as my vocabulary is limited. I wouldn’t describe it as terrific because it is too common.
‘Awesome’ doesn’t describe this movie because it is too little.
Let’s try ‘patriotic’. Not really. It’s about social responsibility. It just draws analogy between the times.
This movie is something different. I have seen a lot of movies but not this kind of non linear interpretation. That is the main strength of the movie. There are many plus points in the movie.
Some movies like “Schindler’s List” present what actually happened. Some like “The Shawshank Redemption” are based on theme. They may sound complex. This movie is so simple that it just tells what it want to.
The best word to describe this is “
SIMPLE” movie but brilliant. Music by A.R. Rehman especially the re-recording and “khoon chala” are something which just stir in your mind for long.
“sarfaroshi ki tamanna ab hamaare dil mein hai
dekh naa hai jor kitna baazuaen kaatil mein hain”

We already know about the unfortunate situation of our
very own india. We definitely lack pro-activeness in eliminating all the shit in our political system. We know who are the politicians bribing and involving in scams these days.
There are people who fix prices for asking questions in parliament. There are people who helps in the illegal oil smugling and he is none other than a minister(of course a ‘sinister’).
There are leaders who find plenty of time for attending film functions and taking care of their contractors deals. But they don’t find time to question the parliament about the recognition of their mother language.
There are railway ministers who don’t even come to the spot when there is a train accident fearing that they would loose their much coveted post. Do anyone know that “
Lal Bahadur Shastri” resigned on the spot when an express derailed during his time.
We are sick of these bastards. ….
What can we do about these people. Everybody in our
very own india assume that these factors exist by default in the society. They don’t give a hoot. Whenever you are caught by a traffic police bribe him with 50 bucks. This is a golden rule.
There are some other people who think that “oh boey! India is corrupted, lets shift the flag to US”, “It is a land of oppurtunities.”
But i couldn’t find anyone who questioned “why is this happening?”. “why is the Break Inspector giving licenses without testing the vehicle?”, “what is the government doing while many pilots are dieing driving the inefficient MIGs?”.

I could find one today but on the celluloid.

The film RDB is a brilliant presentation of contrast between the youths of today and of the independence days. Coming to the technical aspects i divide the technicians into three tiers.

Tier-1 :- A. R. Rahman(awesome music and re-recording) Rakeysh Mehra(director)
Tier-2 :- Aamir Khan Siddharth Atul Kulkarni
Tier-3 :- Madhavan Su Soha Aslam Sarmaan

The most stunning part i found in the movie is that all the actors have equal footage. I tought Aamir Khan would totally dominate the show. But i was wrong. Siddharth, Sarmaan all of them had equal roles. First time i find a guest appearance(Madhavan) having a lot of impact on th proceedings of the film.
Coming to the acting part, Aamir Khan looked very close to Kamal Haasan in indian in the get up of ChandraSekhar Azad
Siddharth is perfect fit for Bhagat Singh. He maintained a serious role quite promisingly.
The others
Ram Prasad Bismil, Asfakullah, Raj Guru are very good.
Atul Kulkarni did brilliant action when he rhymes the song “sarfaroshi ki tamanna“.
Soha and Alice are adequate.
The photography is far more the terrific. Especially when Aamir Khan lifts his bike.
Direction is something different. I never saw a film drawing so perfect analogy between two periods.
The life of the movie is music. At one point the film could have turned bore. But the music of “
khoon chala” is so penetrating that i was glued to the music. A.R.Rehman shows what he is. Re-recording is terrific.

But one thing the movie makes us to think is about the efforts of Azad, Bhagat Singh, Raj Guru in the freedom that we enjoy today. They went through a hunger strike for almost 60 days.

We would know the value of their efforts only when we are starved for a week.

This movie is a must watch for every youth in india especially age group(19-25)


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