Review— Schindler’s List——— 9/10

I would rate this movie all time best, even better than GodFather… Spielberg is a genius..

This is gonna be the highest rating i give. This is not just a movie but some sort of informative bulletin. Everyone should watch this movie to know what is a holocaust and what is a genocide. I saw many movies on holocausts, especially “the independence day” and all such stuff seem bullshit after you see this piece of art. This is a 3 hour 18 minutes movie about a person called Oscar Schindler who is a nazi german. During the second world war, poland was completely under the clutches of nazi germany. Everyone is deprived of their properties and made to work like slaves. A person by name Oscar Schindler (a german) arrives at kraskow , capital of Poland. He hires a jew called Izzak(Ben Kingsley of gandhi fame). He accepts investments from many rich jews and promises to pay them back after the subsidence of world war II. He starts a company , a steel company i guess… and employs 1300 jews telling nazis that jews are cheap for employing. Meanwhile., nazis execute jews at their fun and play with their lives. They torture jews to hell. Schindler though not a humanitarian and a womanizer by nature feels sympathetic for these poor jews. He saves his employees (1300 jews) from the clutches of nazis. After the world war only 5000 jews remain in Poland in contrast to 3 million jews prior to the war. Out of these Schindler saved 1300 jews. These jews were named after Schindler as Schindler jews . Now they are in large number and reside in Israel and other European countries.

The actor who played Schindler (Liam Neeson) is a perfect fit for the role. The most worshiping part of this movie is it’s direction and presentation. I thought Spielberg is only a sci-fi director , depending largely on technology but there is no technology in this movie. He played with emotions and he played well. The most heart-wrenching scene in this movie is when nazis send all the jewish children to kill them. A child escapes from the bunch and runs to hide. At his dismay, he notices all the burrows are filled with children. No place to hide. He then hides in a septic-tank in order to escape. The way the director protrayed the scene is done never before by anyone. It is damn good effective that i unconsciously dropped tears out of my eyes. I am forced to appreciate the direction of the movie.


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