Review– Star wars ——– 7.2/10

I saw all the parts… parts 1 to 6. Good characters and graphics. Cool fights. It is an entertainer. Some of the famous characters are “Darth Vader”, “Anakin Skywalker”, “Luke Skywalker”, “Master Canobi”, “Master Yodha”, “Han Solo”. The lead actresses are cool. In parts 4,5,6 carrie fisher is cool. I loved her action. In parts 1,2,3 Natalie Portman is beautiful but looks like Keira Knightley from some dimensions. Their hair styles, the way they curl their hair is awesome. This is the aggregate ratings of all the parts . The irony is that parts 4,5,6 are made in 80’s and parts 1,2,3 are made in 90’s and 2000’s . Old movies are better than new ones in terms of story.

Part1 — Star Wars — The Phantom Menace(1997) — 3/5 — average

Part2 — Star Wars— The Attack of the clones(1999) — 3.5/5 — good graphics

Part3 — Star Wars— The Revenge of the Sith (2005) — 2.5/5 — bad

Part4 — Star Wars — A new Hope(1977) — 3.5/5 — good

Part5 — Star Wars — The empire Strikes Back — 3.75/5 — very good

Part6 — Star Wars — The Return of the jedi —- 2.75/5 — not that good


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