Iron Man — Movie Review — 7.5/10

IRONMAN is about Tony Stark who is an arms dealer supplying weapons to US government. This excerpt is not meant to be a spoiler. Iron-man is a good movie considering the lull in the recent superhero market. Batman Begins has raised the bar but still people are waiting for a movie like this. It’s entertaining as well and doesn’t lay more emphasis on superhero’s pathos and simplicity. A superhero needn’t always be like a Peter Parker deprived of parents and working as a pizza-boy to defray his school expenses. A superhero could be a cavalier multi-millionaire who graduated from MIT and owns a state-of-the-art arms facility.

The way in which the CG work goes is also commendable. This is not a movie to flaunt good CG just for the sake of it. Need I say about the protagonist Robert Downey Jr. He did a good job and exceeded expectations. The iron-man tuxedo is really cool. It’s far more desirable than Batman’s and almost complements Spiderman’s. Gwyneth Paltrow (seeing her after long time) looked a bit older.

This is the first in a new franchise. There are more to come and i wish this franchise lives up to the expectations as spiderman did. There are a couple of big movies yet to release this summer. I am yearning to watch SpeedRacer (by Wachowski Brothers) and Dark Knight (by Christopher Nolan — promising director).


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