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Facts and Economy

July 2, 2008

According to economics, every boom is followed by a burst and vice-versa. Of late, i have been reading news and more news on stock markets, economy, inflation. Even in my dreams i come across these terms. Don’t know why? but obsessed by these terms despite having truck loads of supposedly “meaningful” work to do.

So, what’s going on these days. There’s been a real estate burst in US. Sub-prime crisis in a much academic jargon. But what caused this to occur. Whatever it might be, looks like it’s going to cause a ripple effect on us. Most of the economists quizzed replied that india’s economy is sound and strong at fundamentals. Hence, the sub-prime crisis shouldn’t effect us. This was when the sensex was 20,000 and roaring ahead just a few months ago. Every one was making hay in a mood and under a good will that our economy is growing at a rate of 9 percent. But suddenly things changed. Sensex plummeted. All those who invested when the sensex was at 20k were left gaping as the sensex plummeted to 13k.

These are all the facts i observed in the last few months. Suddenly, there’s this inflation. The hotel wala in our street increased every item by 5 bucks. The reason he quotes is rising grain prices. The reason Mr.Prime Minister quoted in his speech is rising crude oil prices. I don’t intend to ask what is it causing the fuel prices to rise as it might be difficult for me to interpret the reasons. Whatever the situation might be the real estate market seems to be in an upswing. Residential rents in urban areas are surging ahead. Please someone regulate this mammoth!!

Another fact i observed is that i am trying to incorporate more figurative expressions in my discourse. But it looks like i am failing miserably. I understand that it’s not possible unless we read good books and get accustomed to good english. Hence, i made a conscious effort by purchasing the book “Shantaram” for 450 bucks using a Crossword gift voucher. I started reading the book. Hope i will complete it by this year end. I read editorial columns of times of india, indian express and other magazines but i am consistently failing in completing a book. All the books i read are only half read.

I started R.K.Narayan’s “Guide”. I shelved reading after finishing half the book. It is a good one but not very interesting to me. I finally realised that this is not the time to read Sherlock Holmes or Hercule Poirot novels. That time has passed now and i felt the need of something realistic. A friend suggested me Jumpha Lahiri and other authors. Finally, i could get hold of a book “A Thousand Splendid Suns” by Khaled Hosseini. His other famous book is “The Kite Runner”. I read half of the book. It’s really good. Will complete the rest in few weeks. The characterization of Mariam is really touching. Just like watching a Mani Ratnam movie.

Finally, let’s stop here. I have lot more to blog about. Watched three Hitchcock movies (Rear Window, Dial M for Murder, Rebecca) and also Dashaavataaram. Will blog about them some time later.


Iron Man — Movie Review — 7.5/10

May 3, 2008

IRONMAN is about Tony Stark who is an arms dealer supplying weapons to US government. This excerpt is not meant to be a spoiler. Iron-man is a good movie considering the lull in the recent superhero market. Batman Begins has raised the bar but still people are waiting for a movie like this. It’s entertaining as well and doesn’t lay more emphasis on superhero’s pathos and simplicity. A superhero needn’t always be like a Peter Parker deprived of parents and working as a pizza-boy to defray his school expenses. A superhero could be a cavalier multi-millionaire who graduated from MIT and owns a state-of-the-art arms facility.

The way in which the CG work goes is also commendable. This is not a movie to flaunt good CG just for the sake of it. Need I say about the protagonist Robert Downey Jr. He did a good job and exceeded expectations. The iron-man tuxedo is really cool. It’s far more desirable than Batman’s and almost complements Spiderman’s. Gwyneth Paltrow (seeing her after long time) looked a bit older.

This is the first in a new franchise. There are more to come and i wish this franchise lives up to the expectations as spiderman did. There are a couple of big movies yet to release this summer. I am yearning to watch SpeedRacer (by Wachowski Brothers) and Dark Knight (by Christopher Nolan — promising director).

Atonement — Movie Review — 8.0/10

May 2, 2008


This is my review of a movie after a long time. Atonement is pure poetry. It has a lot of features to qualify as a good movie. The way of shot making and execution is something unseen. You may come across such shot making in woody allen movies. But this is altogether a different flavour. The language used in the movie is purely british and so is palatable to the ears. The characterisation in the movie is very strong especially that of a girl who grossly misinterprets what she has witnessed and judges a person based on prejudice.

This movie is a simple story of how dangerous is prejudice and how important is ratiocination. The most important asset of the movie is it’s sound mixing and re-recording. This is on par with Lord of the Rings. I have never heard such a magnificient background score in ages. It’s truely invigorating and fills the mind of the audience with elixir. There’s no denying the fact that this work deserves an oscar. It has indeed been nominated for Academy Awards for best original score. This movie is a must watch and the music is really palatial.

Coming to the cast, James Mc.Avoy is sure to be the next Brad Pitt. He is handsome and a correct match for Keira Knightley. Well she is as usual beautiful, raunchy and animated. She played her part well but she is not the central character. Other cast including the girl who is the sister of the twins and the chocolate factory guy are good at their roles. The war episodes and post-war period could be portrayed a bit better. I feel a short-coming in that portion. It seems contrived and largely borrowed from Saving Private Ryan.

Finally, this movie is worth every penny. Only the music itself is worth twice your ticket. I am trying to download the scores from the internet but had no success till now.

Moral of ‘Kal Ho Naa Ho’ — 7.7/10

May 2, 2008

I have no idea what is the theme behind the making of ‘Kal Ho Naa Ho’. But after watching it for a 3rd time i understood some important traits of female psychology. I am intimately curious about female behaviour. What they like? What they hate? I have not yet done practical cases but only an intuition. Watching ‘Kal Ho Naa Ho’ brought me a new notion about the co-existence of man and woman. Why do they need each other? This may sound a bit philosophical but not boring of course. A girl needs a man to realise the girl lying innately in her. Similarly, a girl makes a boy realise what he is. This should be the ideal natural phenomena. I don’t know how far is it accomplished in today’s planet. I don’t have a great deal of idea about girls today as i haven’t spoken to a girl for a long time.

Coming to girls, i find that very few girls these days wear a nose ring or put a tickle on the forehead. May be i was orthodox as the trendz have changed. Nevertheless i am not naturally inclined towards these modern trendy girlz. I was not so shocked to notice that girls even drink in hyderabad. Promise… I have seen some of them in the felicity nites. I don’t mind them drinking. It’s upto them. But it makes me feel embarassed watching pretty girls smokin and boozing. Even i don’t do those ….

Psychological studies reveal that girls are much fickler than boys but they do have a lot of patience. Boys are stable compared to the girls in general. I may be wrong in some cases. So don’t mind. So the moral of the story is find a girl who has a good personality and attitude along with a cute smile. (that is how “Priety Zinta” looks in Kal Ho Naa Ho)….

Review—Rang De Basanti —- Rock Da Box-Office —- 8/10

May 2, 2008

RDB stands for “Rock Da Box-office”. This movie can’t be described as my vocabulary is limited. I wouldn’t describe it as terrific because it is too common.
‘Awesome’ doesn’t describe this movie because it is too little.
Let’s try ‘patriotic’. Not really. It’s about social responsibility. It just draws analogy between the times.
This movie is something different. I have seen a lot of movies but not this kind of non linear interpretation. That is the main strength of the movie. There are many plus points in the movie.
Some movies like “Schindler’s List” present what actually happened. Some like “The Shawshank Redemption” are based on theme. They may sound complex. This movie is so simple that it just tells what it want to.
The best word to describe this is “
SIMPLE” movie but brilliant. Music by A.R. Rehman especially the re-recording and “khoon chala” are something which just stir in your mind for long.
“sarfaroshi ki tamanna ab hamaare dil mein hai
dekh naa hai jor kitna baazuaen kaatil mein hain”

We already know about the unfortunate situation of our
very own india. We definitely lack pro-activeness in eliminating all the shit in our political system. We know who are the politicians bribing and involving in scams these days.
There are people who fix prices for asking questions in parliament. There are people who helps in the illegal oil smugling and he is none other than a minister(of course a ‘sinister’).
There are leaders who find plenty of time for attending film functions and taking care of their contractors deals. But they don’t find time to question the parliament about the recognition of their mother language.
There are railway ministers who don’t even come to the spot when there is a train accident fearing that they would loose their much coveted post. Do anyone know that “
Lal Bahadur Shastri” resigned on the spot when an express derailed during his time.
We are sick of these bastards. ….
What can we do about these people. Everybody in our
very own india assume that these factors exist by default in the society. They don’t give a hoot. Whenever you are caught by a traffic police bribe him with 50 bucks. This is a golden rule.
There are some other people who think that “oh boey! India is corrupted, lets shift the flag to US”, “It is a land of oppurtunities.”
But i couldn’t find anyone who questioned “why is this happening?”. “why is the Break Inspector giving licenses without testing the vehicle?”, “what is the government doing while many pilots are dieing driving the inefficient MIGs?”.

I could find one today but on the celluloid.

The film RDB is a brilliant presentation of contrast between the youths of today and of the independence days. Coming to the technical aspects i divide the technicians into three tiers.

Tier-1 :- A. R. Rahman(awesome music and re-recording) Rakeysh Mehra(director)
Tier-2 :- Aamir Khan Siddharth Atul Kulkarni
Tier-3 :- Madhavan Su Soha Aslam Sarmaan

The most stunning part i found in the movie is that all the actors have equal footage. I tought Aamir Khan would totally dominate the show. But i was wrong. Siddharth, Sarmaan all of them had equal roles. First time i find a guest appearance(Madhavan) having a lot of impact on th proceedings of the film.
Coming to the acting part, Aamir Khan looked very close to Kamal Haasan in indian in the get up of ChandraSekhar Azad
Siddharth is perfect fit for Bhagat Singh. He maintained a serious role quite promisingly.
The others
Ram Prasad Bismil, Asfakullah, Raj Guru are very good.
Atul Kulkarni did brilliant action when he rhymes the song “sarfaroshi ki tamanna“.
Soha and Alice are adequate.
The photography is far more the terrific. Especially when Aamir Khan lifts his bike.
Direction is something different. I never saw a film drawing so perfect analogy between two periods.
The life of the movie is music. At one point the film could have turned bore. But the music of “
khoon chala” is so penetrating that i was glued to the music. A.R.Rehman shows what he is. Re-recording is terrific.

But one thing the movie makes us to think is about the efforts of Azad, Bhagat Singh, Raj Guru in the freedom that we enjoy today. They went through a hunger strike for almost 60 days.

We would know the value of their efforts only when we are starved for a week.

This movie is a must watch for every youth in india especially age group(19-25)

Review — A Beautiful Mind — 8.3/10

May 2, 2008

“A Beautiful Mind” starring Russell Crowe and Jennifer Connelly is a biography of popular mathematician and nobel prize winner John Nash. He is famous for his works like game theory etc. The movie has an interesting story backed up by some outstanding performances. Direction is commendable. It depicts John Nash as a student of Harvard university who is immensely inclined to mathematics. He hates learning by reading text books and religiously attending lectures. He always strives to think naturally and do something on his own. In this quest he comes out with a very good research paper and graduates from the university. After that he turns into an exceptional coding specialist and serves a lot for defence agencies. Meanwhile he suffers from a mental disorder namely schizophrenia. He can see people who dont really exist but appear to him as real. This strange behaviour of his annoys his wife. He is admitted into a mental hospital and is investigated. Later he gets discharged from the hospital and tries to control his senses against the disease. Meanwhile a friend of him who is the dean of a prestigious university invites him to be professor in the university. His strange behaviour in the university makes him a laughing stock. Gradually he gets used to this disease and turn into a normal person. He is rewarded with the prestigous nobel prize for his work in mathematics.

The movie is very interesting and totally absorbs you into the mood. It may be a bit confusing but careful attention to the dialogues makes you feel the greatness of the movie. Coming to the performances, Russell Crowe was in a total contrast to his role in The Gladiator. Saying that he justified his role would be very little. He looks confused, always thinking that the hallucinations are real. He is outstanding. Jennifer Connelly as we know is awesome . Her acting skills are impecaable. She is the one of the best actresses i ever saw. Especially the scene where she gets frustrated with the behaviour of her husband and breaks the glass is acted with conviction.

Overall the movie is very interesting and absorbing.

Review– Star wars ——– 7.2/10

May 2, 2008

I saw all the parts… parts 1 to 6. Good characters and graphics. Cool fights. It is an entertainer. Some of the famous characters are “Darth Vader”, “Anakin Skywalker”, “Luke Skywalker”, “Master Canobi”, “Master Yodha”, “Han Solo”. The lead actresses are cool. In parts 4,5,6 carrie fisher is cool. I loved her action. In parts 1,2,3 Natalie Portman is beautiful but looks like Keira Knightley from some dimensions. Their hair styles, the way they curl their hair is awesome. This is the aggregate ratings of all the parts . The irony is that parts 4,5,6 are made in 80’s and parts 1,2,3 are made in 90’s and 2000’s . Old movies are better than new ones in terms of story.

Part1 — Star Wars — The Phantom Menace(1997) — 3/5 — average

Part2 — Star Wars— The Attack of the clones(1999) — 3.5/5 — good graphics

Part3 — Star Wars— The Revenge of the Sith (2005) — 2.5/5 — bad

Part4 — Star Wars — A new Hope(1977) — 3.5/5 — good

Part5 — Star Wars — The empire Strikes Back — 3.75/5 — very good

Part6 — Star Wars — The Return of the jedi —- 2.75/5 — not that good

Review— Schindler’s List——— 9/10

May 2, 2008

I would rate this movie all time best, even better than GodFather… Spielberg is a genius..

This is gonna be the highest rating i give. This is not just a movie but some sort of informative bulletin. Everyone should watch this movie to know what is a holocaust and what is a genocide. I saw many movies on holocausts, especially “the independence day” and all such stuff seem bullshit after you see this piece of art. This is a 3 hour 18 minutes movie about a person called Oscar Schindler who is a nazi german. During the second world war, poland was completely under the clutches of nazi germany. Everyone is deprived of their properties and made to work like slaves. A person by name Oscar Schindler (a german) arrives at kraskow , capital of Poland. He hires a jew called Izzak(Ben Kingsley of gandhi fame). He accepts investments from many rich jews and promises to pay them back after the subsidence of world war II. He starts a company , a steel company i guess… and employs 1300 jews telling nazis that jews are cheap for employing. Meanwhile., nazis execute jews at their fun and play with their lives. They torture jews to hell. Schindler though not a humanitarian and a womanizer by nature feels sympathetic for these poor jews. He saves his employees (1300 jews) from the clutches of nazis. After the world war only 5000 jews remain in Poland in contrast to 3 million jews prior to the war. Out of these Schindler saved 1300 jews. These jews were named after Schindler as Schindler jews . Now they are in large number and reside in Israel and other European countries.

The actor who played Schindler (Liam Neeson) is a perfect fit for the role. The most worshiping part of this movie is it’s direction and presentation. I thought Spielberg is only a sci-fi director , depending largely on technology but there is no technology in this movie. He played with emotions and he played well. The most heart-wrenching scene in this movie is when nazis send all the jewish children to kill them. A child escapes from the bunch and runs to hide. At his dismay, he notices all the burrows are filled with children. No place to hide. He then hides in a septic-tank in order to escape. The way the director protrayed the scene is done never before by anyone. It is damn good effective that i unconsciously dropped tears out of my eyes. I am forced to appreciate the direction of the movie.

Review –Hotel Rwanda—–8/10

May 2, 2008

Hotel Rwanda is a gripping movie with good performances. The film deals with the atrocities committed in the 1994 genocide in Rwanda. The Hutu tribe community in Rwanda are on a mission to kill all the Tutsy tribes for the reason that their president is assassinated by the tutsy rebels. The ruling hutu army as well as the supporters of hutu party kill every innocent tutsy person they come across. Paul Rusesnbagen is the manager of a 4-star Belgian hotel in Rwanda. He is a hutu but his wife tutiana is a tutsy woman. He with the help of UN colonel saves 1300 tutsy innocent tribes from being murdered by the hutu freaks. This movie is an eye opener to the entire world about the genocide in Rwanda. This movie is a sure contender for the forthcoming oscars. The movie is so gripping that we get completely involved in the movie. The presentation of the horror in Rwanda is impeccable. I was reminded of Mani Ratnam’s “Mumbai” after watching this movie. Coming to the lead actors, i noticed Don Cheadle in a number of movies like “Family man” and many other but i didn’t guess he was such a furious performer. His role is the pivotal one and he did full justice to it. If i see Don Cheadle ever after this movie, i would recognise him as Paul Rusesbagen rather than Don Cheadle. The scene where he drives the car through the fog and then suddenly stops to notice that he was driving through a pile of dead bodies is awesome. This movie defines humanity. —– Must watch

Review — Requiem for a dream ——- 7.9/10

May 2, 2008

This is another movie on drug deal. It focuses on four characters who are severe drug addicts. The lead actor, his friend, his lover and his mother. I don’t explain the plot in this review. I only analyze the performances. The lead actor and his friend are average. Where as Jennifer Connelly is exceptional and should be having a lot of guts to do such a bold role. The “A Beautiful Mind” star gave an exceptional performance. The actress in the role of hero’s mother is good and the presentation of her hallucinations is worth commending. Coming to the director Alfonosky, his first movie “Pi” was a mathematical thriller where as this one is a drug deal. His direction induces a hard impression on our minds. Especially, the last 20 minutes is very harrowing and disturbing ever in the history of movies. The cinematography is awesome, the way he shows how people consume drugs is spectacular. Overall , the movie creates a deep impression on the mind about drugs. Can watch for the direction ….