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Review — Requiem for a dream ——- 7.9/10

May 2, 2008

This is another movie on drug deal. It focuses on four characters who are severe drug addicts. The lead actor, his friend, his lover and his mother. I don’t explain the plot in this review. I only analyze the performances. The lead actor and his friend are average. Where as Jennifer Connelly is exceptional and should be having a lot of guts to do such a bold role. The “A Beautiful Mind” star gave an exceptional performance. The actress in the role of hero’s mother is good and the presentation of her hallucinations is worth commending. Coming to the director Alfonosky, his first movie “Pi” was a mathematical thriller where as this one is a drug deal. His direction induces a hard impression on our minds. Especially, the last 20 minutes is very harrowing and disturbing ever in the history of movies. The cinematography is awesome, the way he shows how people consume drugs is spectacular. Overall , the movie creates a deep impression on the mind about drugs. Can watch for the direction ….